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At Barmouth we assessed the situation:

1. Our ponchos had proved entirely useless in the conditions we bought them for. They tangled around the feet on sharp descents and ascents. The sleeves were not long enough and water ran underneath them when using a hiking pole. The hoods obscured vision and stayed put when the head was turned. In high winds they blew over the head!
2. My boots!

We thought it would be reckless to continue without the correct gear. We could go two or three days without seeing another soul. We considered buying more wet weather gear but this would be expensive and we have perfectly good gear at home. We thought ponchos would serve a dual purpose, keeping us and our packs dry so left our weatherproofs behind and breaking in a new pair of boots over the Rhinnogs with Snowdonia beyond could be a very bad idea.

Reluctantly, we decided to call a halt here but at the same time, vowed to come back next year and do the whole thing again!

The Cambrian Way must be the most attractive and enjoyable walk we have ever done. (well not quite - done, that is) but what it has taught us is:
our navigation skills are not what we thought and need improving but, on the other hand, walking an undefined path is also not that difficult either and should not deter anyone with basic skills. Secondly, be more prepared. Do not take equipment for granted and test it before leaving.

Finally, I cannot recommend this walk enough. Every day has something to offer and we cant wait to get back as the best is yet to come.