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This is by way of a personal diary and by no means a guide

We originally intended walking the Southern Upland Way last year but the path was closed due to foot and mouth. We hung on till September, hoping the situation would improve but by then it was obvious there was no chance. We changed plans and walked the Pembrokeshire Coast Path instead, vowing at the same time to complete the Southern Upland Way this year.

We decide to start the walk in June as the days are longer and we will, maybe, encounter less midges than in mid-summer.

We leave home at 7.00am in drizzle and, after an uneventful journey, arrive in Stranraer at 5.55pm. The train pulls into the ferry terminal and, after help from various officials, we manage to find our way out! It is almost like they expect anyone alighting at Stranraer must be wanting to take the ferry and couldn't possibly be visiting Stranraer itself. We call a taxi to take us to a campsite near Portpatrick.

We arrive, as we left, in drizzle.