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We have heard that the Cambrian Way is one of the most demanding long distance paths in the United Kingdom so we decide to take up the challenge before we get much older. We talk of months of training to build up endurance but, in the end, that is just what it is - talk. We do, however, manage a few long walks with full packs to remind our bodies what it's like to carry 30lb all day over uneven terrain but as we live in Suffolk we have to leave the hills to our imagination.

As we leave the house I check for the train tickets. Only a formality but they are not in my hip-bag where I am sure I put them. I find the Sales Voucher. ..... strange .... I thought I threw the Sales Voucher away. Hmmm……. The tickets are in the recycle sack in the shed. Phew!

We leave in sunshine and, after an uneventful journey, arrive in sunshine.