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This is a personal diary and by no means a guide

We left East Bergholt on the evening of the 26th July, 00 with packs far too heavy weighing in at 35lb and headed off for Manningtree railway station, a walk of approximately 45min. After about 10 mins we realised we had left our hiking sticks behind which resulted in a jog back for Charlie whilst I packsat and then an anxious sprint to the railway station. Not a good start to the holiday!

The train journey was uneventful though somewhat stressful for a couple of smokers. The “reclining seats” on the sleeper hardly justify their name and move about two inches and we only managed a short nap. We changed trains at Motherwell to catch the local train to Milngavie, the start of the WHW. I took the opportunity for a quick loo break but hearing a train pull into the station, panicked and jammed my finger in the door. This was the first dip into the first aid bag. Needless to say, it wasn’t our train.

We arrived in Milngavie, tired and spaced out with 11 miles ahead of us and being in a zombie like state of mind forgot to pick up water at the station.

Ah, but the sun was shining and the people friendly. Although only 7.30 am and a weekday three people spotted our packs and directed us to the Way unsolicited.

We begin ……......